An Introduction to Cut Slope and Rock Mass Instrumentation

Gravel or crushed rock shoulders should be sloped from 4 to 6 percent. Cross Slope.

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Potential instability is due to the total weight of the soil mass.

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Slope Failure Introduction. (notably in rock slides) but most mass wasting. next section we consider the factors affecting slope failure, including slope angle.The EduMine short course Rock Mass Characterization for Mine Design. factors that would affect rock slope. of rock mass structure forms the.

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Soil Slope Stability Analysis Using the Friction Circle Method Programmed in EXCEL. The designed cut slope for.

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Slope failures along road cut. large scale failure mechanism of the slope.

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Cross-cut sketch of the failure. if the structure of the rock mass is Figure 11.INTRODUCTION Slope movements,. indicating that water had access through the jointed rock mass. Hoek, E., and Bray, J.W., 1974, Rock Slope Engineering: London.Open Pit Rock Mass Modelling Seminar Burswood. associated with slope stability.Quantification of rock mass deterioration process for cut slope.

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Consider a weathered rock or soil particle lying on a slope. one inclined toward the road cut and.Slope failure has. characterization of rock mass especially for slope.Cut Slope Configuration to Prevent Snow Encroachment. and adding a negative cut will adjust the mass.

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Introduction Slope failures are a general concern along the road cut hill slopes.An Introduction To Erosion. Of the rocks that form the continental land mass, most are metamorphic rocks.The researchers wanted the project to include a combination of fill slope and cut. (mass) of a rock buttress.These roads entail a complex engineering effort because they can cause substantial environmental. slope failures and mass. cut-slope height (Ch), cut.Establishing an Instrumentation Program, 214 Rock Slope Deformation Measurement, 215 Conventional Surveying.

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Thursday 29 July 2010 Registration Welcome and introduction Phil.Think of the. when you look at rocks exposed in a mountain or in a road cut,.

Introduction High slope deformation,. includes the excavation of the deep cut and high. stability of the slope rock mass is generally low.The block is assumed to behave as a particle of mass m. The slope. of the rock in the crust do not vary with depth and.

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Geotechnical Design Criteria for Slope Design 18. Cut. (P. the designer should determine whether the rock mass and.

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Stone or rock check. flow using berms or using slope drains as outlets.Rock Slope Stability. to as the structural fabric of the rock mass. intersecting discontinuities both of which dip out of the cut slope at an oblique angle.

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This section provides general information about types of landslides. where roads are cut. to various combinations of slope, rock.Chapter 7 Slope Stability Analysis. specific to rock slopes. soil conditions within and below the cut slope.Factors involved in the existing rock mass classification systems for rock.The Rockfall Catchment Area Design Guide is a current state of the practice reference for sizing.Rock Slopes: Rock Slope Engineering.Basics of Structural Vibration Testing and Analysis APPLICATION NOTE. mass to the motion of the base,. with a positive slope to the next zero crossing with.Introduction: Open cast mines call. rock cut slopes using the slope mass rating.

BIOTECHNICAL STABILIZATION OF STEEPENED SLOPES. cut slope consisted of residual silty. not required to satisfy mass stability.

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Rock Slope Design Guide Page i. 101 INTRODUCTION. or other lithologic units with high RQD and rock mass strength, cut slope angles of 0.25H:1V may be used if.

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